A CIS observer mission will monitor the referendum in Azerbaijan.

CIS Executive Committee Executive Secretary Deputy Chairman Toktasan Buzubayev will visit Azerbaijan on March 6-19, Committee spokeswoman Maria Gutsalo told Trend News over the phone from Minsk.

<> will hold a referendum on March 18 to amend the Constitution. The Constitution was adopted in 1995. Amendments and additions were made in 2002.

BY WINNING a clear victory in a referendum on Sunday February 15th the Venezuelan president, Hugo Chávez, has succeeded in removing constitutional limits to his indefinite re-election. The president, who has governed the country since 1999, immediately declared, to a crowd of cheering supporters at the presidential palace, that “this soldier is a pre-candidate for the presidency, for the period 2013-19”.

A patriotic outfit associated with the opposition People’s Party (SLS) is determined to submit 2,500 voter signatures necessary to start procedure for a referendum on Croatia’s accession to NATO on Monday. .. (READ MORE)