Here is the beginning of Citizens in Charge Foundation President Paul Jacob’s opening remarks at the U.S Conference on I&R in San Francisco. It was a great opening speech that set the tone for an informative and lively conference. Make sure to check it out. Part II to come shortly.

The video can be viewed on our website here. Or our YouTube Channel here.

After a great first day here in San Francisco, the second day begins with a panel on lawyers in the initiative process.

Yesterday was marked by lively debate and certainly a diversity of opinion. The panel yesterday afternoon on petition reform and fraud really got folks political juices flowing. Ohio Representative Jennifer Garrison debated Brandon Holmes from CICF on how to make the process better. After the panel there were tough questions and lively debate on the issue. It was a great display of both sides of the issue and we thank Rep. Garrison for attending and putting forth her argument.

Stay tuned for further updates on the program today.

It’s time for the U.S. Conference on Initiative & Referendum and the 2010 Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy to begin. It all begins this evening with registration and a small reception to welcome speakers, activists, and most importantly citizens, to San Francisco for what is sure to be a great and informative conference.

UPDATE: The press conference will now be held at Hotel Bijou. The address is 111 Mason Street, San Francisco, CA 94102.

9 Days to Go

Wed, Jul 21 2010 by Staff

Only 9 days to go until the start of the U.S. Conference on I&R and the 2010 Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy, have you registered yet to attend for free?

Join hundreds of citizens from across the US and around the world in San Francisco to work towards greater citizen initiative rights.

Will you join your fellow citizens in working to protect these important rights guaranteed to us by the First Amendment? Or will you allow yourself to be silenced?

In a referendum in the city-state of Hamburg at the weekend, the state government’s proposed education reforms were rejected. The “nay” vote was at least partly responsible for the resignation of Mayor Ole von Beust. The Hamburg poll came just weeks after a headline-making referendum in Bavaria, in which a 61 percent majority voted in favor of a strict public smoking ban.

Read the story from Deutsche Welle

Announcing Media Row at the U.S. Conference on I&R and 2010 Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy

Krist Novoselic, former bassist for the rock band Nirvana and current chair of FairVote will be speaking at the Saturday night reception during the U.S. Conference on Initiative & Referendum.

Krist is a strong supporter of citizen initiative rights as an effective tool in reforming government, and we look forward to hearing from him at the conference.

If you haven’t already signed up to attend for free click here. Hope to see you there!

Citizens Are Coming

Wed, Jul 14 by Anonymous

Citizens Are Coming to San Francisco? Will You Be There?

VIDEO: The City by the Bay...

Mon, Jul 12 2010 by Staff

The days are numbered before the U.S. Conference on Initiative and Referendum kicks off in San Francisco July 30th. Have you registered to attend for free yet?

For some pre-coverage of the conference check out BallotPedia.


VIDEO: Citizens Are Coming

Tue, Jul 6 2010 by Staff

A new video is posted on our Youtube page. Check it out, and make sure to sign up for the US Conference on I&R and join your fellow citizens in San Francisco later this month if you haven’t already done so. It will be a fun and informative event on how you can put yourself in charge.


Photos From Switzerland

Thu, Jun 17 2010 by Staff

Check out our Flickr account for new pictures from the Switzerland Initiative Tour. A few are already posted with more on the way, so make sure to check back frequently.


Citizens in Charge Foundation President Paul Jacob and Exec. Director Amanda Roman recently traveled to Switzerland to learn about the initiative & referendum process and direct democracy in Europe. IRI Europe is one groups co-hosting the 2010 Global Forum in San Francisco next month, and they brought over a group of people from the U.S. to learn about and discuss citizen initiative rights.

Today is your last day to book a discount rate hotel room for the U.S Conference on Initiative & Referendum in San Francisco this July.

If you’re planning on attending hurry up and book your room so you don’t miss out on this great deal!