Legislative Blitzkrieg Against Colorado Petition Rights Kicks Up (Another) Notch

Wed, Feb 9 2011 by Staff

McNultyColorado legislators have ramped up their war against petition rights, bringing a new attack on citizens in the stealth of the night. As the Denver Post notes here and here, the story with Colorado’s citizen initiative process is that it might be dead; the victim of a 2009 legislative hatchet job, parts of which state officials have admitted are unconstitutional.


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I look forward to passage of SCR-1. The only idiots dumber than the ones we elect and vote out are the uninformed masses who can be easily distracted by shiny objects rather than actually understanding the issue at hand and evaluating the real consequence versus benefit of the horrible petitions that have been getting on the ballot.

It is too easy for special interests to drive an issue from concept to law in the current citizen petition process.

You are forgetting that someone has to vote to make something law. Issues should be debated and fought at the ballot box. The electorate of this state are not stupid. Nice try. I find it strange you are on a site like Citizens in Charge (of which I’m a huge fan) if you don’t believe that Citizens should BE in charge.

SCR-1 is the baby of special interests: it will allow them to control the constitution by blasting any reform that threatens their hold on power in the state with TV ads to keep support below 60%. The biggest supporters are unions and big business.

Most initiatives fail to get enough signatures to make the ballot. Even if they do over 60% of them fail. It’s clear you haven’t ever tried to put a measure on the ballot; you wouldn’t be saying it was easy if you had.