Opinion: Citizen Initiative Rights are Dead in Colorado

Fri, Jan 28 2011 by Staff

From the Barroom Politics section of the Estes Park Trail Gazette in Colorado, a commentary on the state of citizen rights in Colorado:

According to Jon Caldara, initiative rights in Colorado are now dead.

As voters, many of us find state-wide citizen initiatives to be wanting, at least if election results matter. Caldara, of the Independence Institute, was a petition proponent for Amendment 63, the health care initiative that appeared on last November`s ballot. That ballot measure failed. Now Caldara is being sued personally for fraud supposedly committed by petition circulators.



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Isn’t is interesting (or perhaps the correct word is disgusting) that the progressive Ballot Initiative Strategy Center, a group funded by big labor, lists Colorado as their model initiative process? It garners their highest ranking: http://bisc.3cdn.net/83e092042b5e3aacc6_yzm6bc998.pdf

As for their role in the initiative & referendum process: “At BISC, we work day after day to help legislators fix their systems…”

In Colorado, their “fix” is in.