Setting the Record Straight on California

Wed, Jun 29 2011



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However, in the modern world, most referendums need to be understood as an element of systems that are predominantly representative in character. As such, they tend to be used quite selectively, covering issues such as changes in voting systems, where currently elected officials may not have the legitimacy or inclination to implement such changes.

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The video is pretty much daring and straight forward. This would surely help set things right in California. It is quite encouraging to see that such daring acts are done in the state. Really wish that this initiative would start up a new era in small firm industries.

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There has not been a “grass roots” initiative in California in decades. It is now the province of a small number of firms who bus in paid signature gathers from out of state. No one should be paid for gathering signatures for an initiative. That would return it to the “grass rootes.”

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