Ohio: Guarding Ohio’s referendum process

Mon, Oct 7 2013 — Source: The Blade

A vital section of the Ohio Constitution, subtitled “In whom power vested,” was the focus of a federal court hearing last week in Columbus. The lawsuit before U.S. District Court dealt with the right of citizens to petition their government and with freedom of speech.

What a libertarian-leaning public interest law center aims to accomplish by filing a federal suit against a new Ohio law that restricts the referendum process goes to the heart of government of, by, and for the people. The 1851 Center for Constitutional Law — typically aligned with conservative causes — is fighting to uphold a fundamental right.

Politics makes strange bedfellows. But when it comes to ensuring that critical checks and balances about government reside with Ohio citizens, support for the 1851 Center’s campaign to enjoin a bad law should be nonpartisan.

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