Ohio: A-G rejects ballot issue petition

Fri, Feb 14 2014

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine has rejected a petition for the proposed “Ohio Voters Bill of Rights” because the summary of the petition was not “a fair and truthful statement of the measure to be referred.”

On February 4, the Ohio Attorney General’s Office received a written petition from a group called Ohioans for a Voters Bill of Rights to amend the Ohio Constitution via the “Ohio Voters Bill of Rights.” Attorney General DeWine’s letter rejected the summary because it contained at least two misrepresentations regarding issues where the Ohio Constitution is pre-empted by federal law.

First, the summary contains language explaining amendment provisions regarding how an elector may verify his or her identity by providing certain forms of identification, including “any other current form of identification issued to the person by … a public or private institution of higher education.” However, federal law requires specific forms of identification for first time voters who registered by mail to vote and have never voted in a federal election.

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