California: Fight over pension initiative heats up early

Fri, Feb 14 2014 — Source: Thousand Oaks Acorn

More than 50 opponents of a proposed pension reform measure that would affect employees of Ventura County showed up at Home Depots in Simi Valley, Newbury Park and Camarillo over the weekend to dissuade individuals from signing a petition supporting the reform.

The demonstrators held signs and spoke out loudly against the measure, calling it, among other things, misleading and draconian.

Among the protestors was Ventura County Sheriff Geoff Dean.

The Committee for Pension Fairness, formed by the Ventura County Taxpayers Association, has begun collecting signatures to get its Sustainable Retirement System Initiative on the November ballot. The proposed initiative, introduced last month, aims to reduce the county retirement system’s estimated $1-billion debt by changing the pension system for new hires and setting limits on how pensions are calculated.

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