Voters to Decide 146 Ballot Issues Tomorrow

Mon, Nov 3 2014 by Neal Hobson

Across the country, voters will finish casting ballots tomorrow in a mid-term election that features 146 statewide issues.  This is the lowest number of statewide ballot measures since 1988, but it also marks the lowest number of citizen-initiated ballot questions since 1974. Of the 146 issues, only 35 were brought to voters by successful citizen petition efforts, the remaining 111 were referred by state legislatures.

Ballotpedia, a wiki-based website on elections, suggests that restrictions imposed upon the initiative process in recent years could be to blame for the unusually low number of ballot measures to be voted on.  Of 616 initiatives filed in 2014, only 35 successfully made it through the labyrinth of rules and regulations necessary for a petition to qualify for a place on the ballot.

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