Union-Backed Bill Blocking Paid Petitioners Moves in California

Mon, Jul 15 2013 by Neal Hobson

Legislators in California are not fond of citizen initiatives and referendums, especially the Democrats who enjoy supermajorities in both legislative chambers. But a recent San Diego Union Tribune editorial puts the blame on “State labor unions,” who it accuses of “once again trying to twist California’s century-old initiative process to work in their favor” by pushing legislation to unconstitutionally block paid signature collectors.


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I don’t believe this could stand up under the law. Since the collection of signatures for both Referendum and Recall have been covered under our first amendment rights. http://home.comcast.net/~bogaert/Opinion.pdf

Nowhere does it indicate that 20% have different standards that must be reached. We have to keep fighting the double standards under the law. However politically expedient the legislators can not be allowed to permit legislation that is not equal treatment under the law.

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