Oregon Marijuana Initiative Submits Signatures

Fri, Jun 27 2014 by Neal Hobson

An initiative campaign in Oregon to legalize recreational marijuana has submitted what they believe to be sufficient signatures to qualify for a place on November’s ballot. Proponents of the initiative, a group called New Approach Oregon submitted 145,710 signatures, which is well above the 87,213 verified signatures required.

“We’ve verified many of the signatures ourselves and we will indeed qualify for the ballot,” New Approach Oregon spokesman Anthony Johnson told reporters.

If passed, the initiative would legalize recreational marijuana for those over 21 and allow the state Liquor Control Commission to regulate retailers, processors and growers of the drug.

Passage would make Oregon the third state to legalize the sale of marijuana for recreational use, despite the drug’s federal ban, joining the states of Washington and Colorado, which passed citizen initiatives in 2012.

Proponents of the campaign had until July 4th to submit signatures, but chose to turn in what they had collected on Thursday, June 26 instead.

The following states have petition submission dates approaching in the coming weeks:

•             July 2 – Ohio
•             July 3 – Arizona
•             July 3 – Washington state. (For initiatives to the people)
•             July 4 – Arkansas, Nebraska, & Oregon
•             July 7 - Michigan
•             July 11 – Washington state (For referendums)
•             August 6 – Colorado
•             August 6 – North Dakota
•             September 5 – Oklahoma