I-517 Loses in Washington, Other Initiative Results

Wed, Nov 6 2013 by Neal Hobson

Much to our disappointment, and that of the 381,688 Evergreen State citizens who voted for it, Initiative 517 was defeated in yesterday’s election. Unofficial returns show 40 percent in favor of the measure and 60 percent opposed.

Filed by Tim Eyman after the state supreme court ruled that cities using red light cameras were not subject to voter initiatives to block their use, I-517 would have guaranteed a vote on all qualified initiatives, provided protection from harassment and intimidation to petition signers and circulators, and given petition drives more time.

While the Yes on 517 was unable to advertise on television or radio, opponents ran roughly $500,000 in television spots urging a No vote, with hyperbolic claims that, “With Tim Eyman’s Initiative 517 paid signature gatherers will have free reign … even if they violate property rights. 517 grants signature gatherers such special rights that restricting them in any way is a crime.”

The other initiative measure on the Washington ballot, I-522, would have required labeling for genetically modified food. I-522 was also defeated, with the $22 million spent on NO ads setting the state’s all-time state spending.

The only other citizen-initiated measure on a state ballot yesterday was also defeated. The Colorado measure, Amendment 66, would have raised taxes by $1 billion to provide additional funding for education. Unofficial results showed only 34 percent voting for the initiative and 66 percent against it.

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