As the attacks continue against California’s ballot initiative process, three scholars at the Reason Foundation are injecting some, well, reason into the debate.

Last week I discussed a California Assembly bill that was aimed at preventing something that never occurs. Assembly Bill 1068 would ban the writing of contracts that require an initiative to qualify for the ballot before the company that collected the signatures gets paid. As I indicated in my earlier post, such contracts are simply not used in the industry.

While we don’t support or oppose any particular initiatives here at Citizens in Charge Foundation, we work with a lot of initiative activists who do. At the Grassroots Director, I am in regular contact with people involved in initiatives all over the country, and it gives me great insight into how the process really works “on the ground”. It is that insight that makes me question the logic of a bill that has recently passed the California legislature, and whether California legislators even understand the initiative process that they are meddling with.

59th California District Assemblyman Anthony Adams was handed recall papers at a fundraising event where Gov. Arnold Swarzenegger was in attendance. Adams is targeted because of his vote to increase taxes.

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The Peace and Freedom Party has announced its opposition to all six propositions that will appear on the May 19 ballot. The special election will only feature measures related to the state’s budget.

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