Bear FlagAn identical bill has was vetoed in 2006 and 2009 but that won’t stop state Sen. Corbett from attacking California petition proponents. The California Senate Elections and Constitutional Amendments Committee will hold a hearing Tuesday, March 15, on SB 168, an attempt to ban paying petition circulators by the signature. Such bans have been found unconstitutional in several states, and most recently a federal judge in Colorado found that state’s ban likely to be struck down.

At a time when Californians’ ballot initiative & referendum rights have been under sustained attack, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has vetoed three bills that he believes would harm grassroots petitioning efforts.

Ballot Access News reports that California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is likely to veto Senate Bill 34. The bill, which passed an Assembly committee yesterday, would ban paying petition circulators by the signature.

Five of the six budget measures on California’s special election ballot yesterday failed to get enough votes to pass. The measures were pushed by governor Arnold Schwarzenegger as a fix to the state’s budget woes. Only measure 1F, which prevents state officials from getting pay increases during bad economic times, passed.

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A recent poll indicates that five out of the six budget-related ballot measures next week’s special election will fail. Proposition 1F, which will limit elected officials salaries, is the only measure that is polling ahead.

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California lawmakers are warning that the state’s budget deficit could exceed $15billion if several budget related ballot measures fail at an upcoming special election. Six measures that include tax increases and spending cuts are going before voters in a May 19 special election.

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