Paul Jacob, President of Citizens In Charge Foundation, responds to a participants concerns on individual/constitutional rights with regards to the initiative and referendum process. http://www.youtube.com/CitizensInCharge

Since the mid-1990s, California, Michigan, Nebraska, and Washington have passed ballot initiatives to ban affirmative action programs at the state level. Although Colorado last year narrowly rejected a similar initiative, and although petition drives failed to attract enough signatures in three other states…

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Signing an initiative petition should be a fairly private matter. Doing so simply means the signer would like to see the matter decided by voters, and does not necessarily indicate how they will vote…

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Several gay-rights groups from across the country are developing databases of names and address of people who signed petitions supporting traditional marriage measures. These searchable databases would be put on the Internet open to all interested parties.

A group called KnowThyNeighboor.org has already placed names of traditional marriage supporters on he Internet in states like Oregon, Florida and Arkansas.

Just hours ago Washington governor, Chris Gregoire signed into law a bill that will afford certain elderly domestic couples as well as same sex couples all of the same legal rights and benefits as any married couple in the state. The bill falls short of recognizing same sex marriage and places no obligations on the state’s churches to do so.