The Washington County Board of Elections met on Tuesday morning to certify candidate petitions before an upcoming May 5 primary election.

Up for reelection in 2009 are al eight seats on Marietta City Council and the Marietta City Treasurer, but none of the seats will be contested until the general election in November.

The only city-wide issue on the May 5 primary ballot in Marietta will be a referendum on the Marietta Municipal Court moratorium that voters passed by ballot initiative in November 2006.

voteBy now, most Americans have seen or heard of CNBC’s Rick Santelli and his on-air outburst stating “the government is promoting bad behavior” with the bailouts. (READ MORE) Even President Obama’s Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs, invited the CNBC editor to a “decaf” coffee to discuss the issue.

A CIS observer mission will monitor the referendum in Azerbaijan.

CIS Executive Committee Executive Secretary Deputy Chairman Toktasan Buzubayev will visit Azerbaijan on March 6-19, Committee spokeswoman Maria Gutsalo told Trend News over the phone from Minsk.

<> will hold a referendum on March 18 to amend the Constitution. The Constitution was adopted in 1995. Amendments and additions were made in 2002.

LOS ANGELES — A motion introduced Friday by a Los Angeles councilman urges the city to support any state initiative that would reduce the two-thirds threshold to pass a budget in California.

The state’s budget, approved Thursday by the Legislature, was 105 days late and led to the depletion of state accounts, causing $3.3 billion in payments to local governments, state contractors and taxpayers to be deferred.

A powerful tool for all Americans to create citizen led reform is the ballot initiative and referendum (I&R) process.

Used by citizens from all ideological points of view across the nation, I&R, empowers the voters to improve their community.

Mayor Melody A. Currey released a budget proposal Thursday that would cut spending by $5.3 million, against the backdrop of what she called “the worst economy since the Great Depression.”

The proposed 2009-10 budget of about $151.4 million also would not raise taxes, keeping the tax rate at 31.67 mills.

Today CNBC editor Rick Santelli reporting from the floor of the CBOE in Chicago started discussing economic stimulus. Santelli, outraged on President Obama’s economic package, was advocating for initiatives and referendums and a Chicago “Tea Party”.

Santelli called out President Obama administration saying instead of spending the people’s money, the President should have a national referendum, on the internet, and put the stimulus to a vote by the citizens. On CNBC Rick Santelli said:

BY WINNING a clear victory in a referendum on Sunday February 15th the Venezuelan president, Hugo Chávez, has succeeded in removing constitutional limits to his indefinite re-election. The president, who has governed the country since 1999, immediately declared, to a crowd of cheering supporters at the presidential palace, that “this soldier is a pre-candidate for the presidency, for the period 2013-19”.

A patriotic outfit associated with the opposition People’s Party (SLS) is determined to submit 2,500 voter signatures necessary to start procedure for a referendum on Croatia’s accession to NATO on Monday. .. (READ MORE)

Oklahoma’s initiative requires the highest number of signatures be collected in the second shortest time period in the country, making it the hardest state process to use. The process is so restricted that only two citizen initiatives have made it on the ballot in the last ten years!

An attorney for Dallas Right to Vote, an organization backed by New York City-based labor union Unite Here, says the group will on Thursday submit about 30,000 petition signatures to Dallas City Hall in hopes of triggering a public referendum on whether to require city subsidies of $1 million or more to face a public vote.

Five hundred registered Dallas voters would have to sign a petition to trigger a citywide vote on such public subsidies, according to the text of Dallas Right to Vote’s proposal.

If a group called Coalition for Public Referendum is successful, Nacogdoches voters could soon have a greater voice in the legislative decisions of the city.

The group is collecting signatures to place an item on the ballot in May’s city election that would amend the city charter to provide for initiative, referendum and recall measures.

DENVER ”¢ If Coloradans were hoping for a quiet campaign season after last fall’s record number of ballot measures, they may be in for a disappointment. A potential ballot measure is in the works that could be labeled “Son of Referendum C.”

House Majority Leader Paul Weissman, D-Louisville, is promising to introduce a referendum in late February that could extend Referendum C indefinitely. Referendum C, passed by voters in 2005, allowed the state to keep more than $5 billion in taxes that otherwise would have been refunded to residents.

With no extra money available to spend this session, legislators would be wise to work on legislation that makes a difference but doesn’t make a dent in the treasury. State Sen. Randy Brogdon is doing that with efforts to reform the initiative petition process in Oklahoma.

Brogdon, R-Owasso, has offered legislation that would reduce the number of signatures needed to send a proposal to a vote of the people, lengthen the amount of time allowed to collect signatures, and in general make the process a bit more user friendly for petitioners.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a showdown.

Culinary Local 226 on Thursday turned in more than 14,000 petition signatures challenging a new Las Vegas city hall and the city’s redevelopment plan, more than three times the 4,500 signatures that were needed.

Mayor Oscar Goodman, meanwhile, suggested the ballot measures for the June election, even if voter-approved, might not stop the new city hall plans. He contends there’s effectively a contract between the city and the would-be developers, Forest City and LiveWork Las Vegas.