Supporters of legalized marijuana in California are considering three possible ballot initiatives to legalize recreational usage of the plant. Two of the initiatives are aiming to be placed on the 2010 ballot and supporters of another are looking toward the 2012 ballot. If a bill currently moving through the legislature to legalize marijuana passes voters won’t have to weigh in at all.


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According to the the Marijuana Policy Project blog, the US House of Representatives has moved to allow Washington, DC to implement a medical marijuana law pased by voters in 1998. The Congress has been blocking the implementation of the law - passed by 69% of voters - in it’s DC appropriations bills for over ten years. The law must now be passed by the US Senate and be signed by President Obama before taking effect.

California state lawmakers would be tested for drugs on the first day of every session under a proposed initiative. The initiative backers plan to collect the roughly 434,000 signatures they need using all volunteers. Initiative experts say the campaign likely will not make the ballot supporters do not use paid signature gatherers.

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Florida would join 13 other states in permitting marijuana for medical use under a ballot initiative being circulated for the 2010 ballot. Proponents claim that polls indicate wide support for medical marijuana in the state. The Attorney General’s office had not received the initiative so could not comment on it.

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