health care

Health care reform continues to dominate the national discussion. Americans are considering all their options on how to pay for the reform and exactly how to improve the system. In Arizona the voters are trying to decide for themselves on how their state will deal with this important issue. They are showing their power at the ballot box.

In his daily commentary called Common Sense, Paul Jacob writes about Arizona and states:

A House appropriations committee gave its approval to a ballot measure that will raise the sales tax by about $486 million. Most of the funds generated will go to health care services with the rest going to tax credits. The bill must now go to the House floor for a vote. If passed by the legislature the measure would also have to be approved by voters.

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A group of citizens is considering a ballot initiative that would force Colorado Springs to sell city-run Memorial Health System, which ended last year in the red. The initiative must pass the city’s title-setting board. If it passes the board proponents will have 180 days to collect over 11,000 signatures.

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