due process

People around the country have been fighting against speed and red light cameras ever since they started dotting intersections and roadsides in the 1990’s. In many states this policy debate is moving to the ballot, where initiative and referendum rights are able to give voters a voice on an issue that is often decided by unelected law enforcement and highway officials.

Volunteers are collecting signatures for a petition to hold a referendum on a new law expanding the use of speed cameras in the state. The first round containing 1/3 of the 53,000 needed signatures must be turned in one week from Sunday. The petition drive leader is optimistic that the effort will succeed.

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Duncanville, TX City Council member Paul Ford will kick off a petition drive to remove the city’s eight red light cameras, which he and other residents claim are a revenue trap. Last year the city issued over 44,000 tickets from the cameras. Ford will need 1,300 signatures to put the matter on the November ballot.

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