New Jersey citizens went to the polls yesterday in local elections across the state. The big items on the ballot were school budget referenda, and from the looks of things New Jersey voters made very clear their views on spending in the state:

New Jersey voters took a stand on school spending and property taxes Tuesday, rejecting 260 of 479 school budgets across 19 counties, according to unofficial results in statewide school elections.

Last month California voters weighed in on - and largely rejected - a series of ballot measures that lawmakers claimed would fix the state’s budget. Among those rejected was Proposition 1B which would have funneled $7.1 billion to school funding. Even though the plan was rejected by 2/3 of voters, it looks like the state legislature wants to go ahead and do it anyway.

A recent poll indicates that five out of the six budget-related ballot measures next week’s special election will fail. Proposition 1F, which will limit elected officials salaries, is the only measure that is polling ahead.

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A recent poll indicates that none of the five budget related measures that will appear in a May 19 special election have majority support in southern counties. The only measure polling with voter support is a proposition that will freeze legislators’ salaries in deficit years. That measure enjoys over 80% support.

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California lawmakers are warning that the state’s budget deficit could exceed $15billion if several budget related ballot measures fail at an upcoming special election. Six measures that include tax increases and spending cuts are going before voters in a May 19 special election.

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The Peace and Freedom Party has announced its opposition to all six propositions that will appear on the May 19 ballot. The special election will only feature measures related to the state’s budget.

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