Based on ballot measures, voters in Appleton and Grand Chute figure to have the highest turnouts today in the Fox Cities.

You have no statewide Initiative & Referendum rights.

For more information about how to get involved in bringing the initiative process to Wisconsin, contact the Citizens in Charge Foundation Wisconsin Citizen State Coordinator:

Orville Seymour

(414) 573-8709

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See the results of a poll on support for statewide initiative & referendum here.


Mon, Feb 16 by Anonymous

The name Wisconsin is practically synonymous with Progressivism, yet
this state has never had a statewide initiative and referendum process.
Indeed, it is one of only three states where voters turned down their
opportunity to get it (Texas and Rhode Island are the others). The
circumstances were as follows.


Mon, Feb 16 by Anonymous

State Balloting Process

Mon, Feb 16 by Anonymous

Article XII, §1 Constitutional Amendments.
Any amendment or amendments to this constitution may be proposed in
either house of the legislature, and if the same shall be agreed to by a
majority of the members elected to each of the two houses, such
proposed amendment or amendments shall be entered on their journals,
with the yeas and nays taken thereon, and referred to the legislature to
be chosen at the next general election, and shall be published for three
months previous to the time of holding such election; and if, in the

Ballot Qualifications & Schedule

Mon, Feb 16 by Anonymous

Not satisfied with the city’s response to its petition drive, citizen group Glosta Tea Party filed a lawsuit against Gloucester officials on Friday, Feb. 6 asking for a suspension of the tax incentive plan brokered between the city and developers of Gloucester Crossing.

A hearing set for Tuesday, Feb. 10, in Salem’s Essex Superior Court was delayed until March 18 after the city requested more time to prepare its case.

Jamie O’Hara, a lead organizer of Glosta Tea Party, said his group was caught off guard by the city’s move.

A petition with more than 400 signatures calls for the Village of North Fond du Lac to go to referendum for all future expenditures that exceed $1 million.

The petition was filed in the village office on Thursday, just one day after a heated public hearing during which officials moved plans forward, despite some citizen opposition, for a $37 million lakeside hotel/convention center/marina.

A citizens group has decided that it will not pursue an April referendum that would ask voters if they want to change the city’s form of government.