The supervisors are set to decide whether the “Stanislaus County Responsible Planning and Growth Control Initiative” should be put on the Feb. 5 ballot.

Voters could decide as soon as Feb. 5 whether to pay an additional 0.5 percent sales tax to hire more police officers, firefighters and paramedics.

Modesto City Council members today can take another crack at adjusting a ballot measure designed to make them more accountable to voters, but this time with an eye on making the initiative as understandable as possible.

A measure on the Feb. 5 ballot to alter term limits for California lawmakers may inadvertently open the door for dozens of termed-out Assembly members to return to their old seats in Sacramento, according to independent legal experts.

Seeking help for schools

Tue, Oct 30 2007

Voters to see parcel tax renewal on ballot

WHEN is an emergency not an emergency?

When it’s a tax, we suppose.

After what Supervisor Keith Carson said was “reluctantly” carrying out their legally-mandated duty to place a $12 million Children’s Hospital special tax initiative on the February ballot, Alameda County supervisors voted to place a second compromise measure on the ballot as well.

When Mark Klaiman set out to add a second location for his Pet Camp kennel business, he had to deal with a half dozen offices of San Francisco city government. The City Planning Department. The Public Health Department. The Building Inspection Department. The Fire Department. The Public Works Department. Not to mention the urban forestry bureau within the Public Works Department.

The City Council will decide Nov. 5 whether to place a ballot measure before voters in February to protract and continue the city’s utility user tax on telephone service.

The tax, which is threatened by possible court action and changes in federal law, brings in about $10 million a year to the general fund.

A public forum tonight will lay the first bricks for what could be a heated community debate over a February ballot measure that would require Newport Beach’s city hall to be built next to the city’s central library.

Former Modesto Mayor Carmen Sabatino on Tuesday filed a lawsuit against the city, claiming a voter education program describing a November ballot measure was a ploy to undercut a campaign for district elections.

Survey results show that task force members will need very different pitches to sell the measure to different areas of the county. And how they will put together a single measure remains to be seen.

When Oregon voters approved Measure 37 three years ago, they sparked similar movements in other states.

Under Proposition 218, a unanimous City Council must approve the mayor’s request to place an “emergency” ballot measure before the voters. Dennis Zine and Greig Smith were the holdouts until Tony V worked his magic behind closed doors