The Arizona legislature violated the 1998 Voter Protection Act when it took $7million worth of tobacco tax interest out of a fund for education and put it in the general fund. The Voter Protection Act limits the legislature’s power to alter voter approved laws. The Arizona Early Childhood Development and Health Fund was created by a 2006 ballot initiative and therefore subject to the protection of the Voter Protection Act.


An initiative that would require that large city projects, such as the Big Chino Water Ranch, must go to a vote of the people is going onto the Nov. 1 ballot. Prescott City Clerk Elizabeth Burke reported that she certified the signature verification process Thursday for the initiative petitions. “They do have enough signatures, and (the initiative) will be on the ballot,” Burke said Thursday morning.

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Bill will put tax issue on ballot

Tue, Jul 14 2009 — Source: KOLD 13

Young players took the field at Tucson Electric Park on Monday night. “This is the road to the Little League World Series,” said Victor Hernandez, who was watching his stepson, number eight Chris Marquez for the San Xavier All Stars.  “It means a lot to me because I brought him up since he was like, eight years old.” Hernandez appreciated what youth sports do.

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Tucsonans will get the chance to mandate increased city Police and Fire Department staffing levels this November. An initiative to set minimum requirements for public-safety officers was certified for the ballot Wednesday. Dubbed the Public Safety First Initiative, the proposed City Charter amendment would require 2.4 police officers per 1,000 residents and mandate that Fire Department response times not exceed the 2004 standards set by the National Fire Protection Association.

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Initiative organizers moved one step closer this week a measure that would require the Big Chino Water Ranch to get the approval of Prescott voters. More than a dozen members of the Taxpayer Protection Initiative Committee turned out at Prescott City Hall Thursday to file petitions to get an initiative on the ballot that would require all city projects of $40 million or more go to a vote of the people.

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A former Maricopa county assessor has started a petition drive to hold a referendum vote on several tax increases in Gilbert. The effort would need 1,749 signatures by July 31 to trigger a vote.

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Tombstone residents are circulating petitions for the recall of the city mayor and two councilmen. Allegations include failing to follow open meeting laws and misuse of funds.

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With many members absent, the Arizona House early Wednesday defeated a bill to criminalize the presence of all illegal immigrants in the state and draw local police officers deeper into the fight against illegal immigration.  Though absenteeism likely was a factor in the bill’s defeat, Pearce said he wasn’t surprised that the measure failed in the House. “Some people support law breakers over law keepers,” he said. “How many more officers are we going to have killed?” He said he would keep trying to get the bill to become law and might gather signatures to take it to the ballot.

The Arizona Legislature worked throught the night last and adjourned at 7:30 this morning. Before they left, and in the middle of the night, they passed Senate Bill 1091 to close off the ballot initiative process and make it harder for citizens to have a say in their government.

A group of Prescott, AZ citizens have formed a committee to put a 3/4 cent tax increase on the city ballot. The funds generated would go toward street maintenance.

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Citizen State Coordinators

Fri, Jun 26 by Anonymous

Contact the Citizen State Coordinator in your state to get involved protecting and expanding the initiative and referendum process. If you don’t see a Coordinator listed for your state, click here to apply.


National Citizen Coordinator - Greg Schmid

Click here to email Greg.


Arizona - Eric Ehst

Click here to email Eric


California - Bruce Cohen

Click here to email Bruce


A bed-tax rate increase will go before the voters this November. The council voted Tuesday in favor of placing the 1 percent bed tax increase on the Nov. 3 special election ballot. “The hotel partners that are bringing this initiative forward are looking to increase what we in the industry call “heads in beds,” London Bridge Resort Vice President and General Manager Cal Sheehy told the council. “We’re looking to collect an additional tax.”

The City Council warned Tuesday that it will need to ask voters for massive tax increases if a ballot initiative mandating much higher police and fire staffing levels is approved by voters in November. Police and fire union officials warned the council that any move to put a competing initiative or a tax increase to pay for the extra officers on the same November ballot would show bad faith toward the city’s police and firefighters ”” and indicate council members oppose those groups.

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Tucson city council warned Tuesday that it will need to ask voters for massive tax increases if a ballot initiative mandating much higher police and fire staffing levels is approved by voters in November. Police and fire union officials went on to threaten council members with retribution if they try to run a ballot initiaive to pay for the staff increase.

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Arizonans will get a second chance to decide if they want residents here to be able to opt out of any national health insurance plan approved by Congress. Without debate, the state Senate on Monday voted 18-11 to put a proposal on the 2010 ballot which would constitutionally override any law, rule or regulation that requires individuals or employers to participate in any particular health care system. The House already has approved the measure.

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