Anti-illegal-immigration activists will attempt to recall Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon for policies they say are too soft on those who enter the country illegally.

A group calling itself American Citizens United, which includes members of organizations involved in recent anti-illegal-immigrant protests, filed paperwork Wednesday to create a political-action committee.

“Phil Gordon has operated the Mayor’s Office with malfeasance in refusing to execute his sworn oath of office,” the group said in its filing. advertisement

On April 15, the 9th circuit held oral arguments in Nader v Brewer, a case filed in 2004 which challenges two Arizona election laws: (1) the law making it illegal for anyone who doesn’t live in Arizona to circulate an independent candidate petition; (2) the early June petition deadline, the 2nd earliest in the nation for independent presidential candidates.

The Arizona Civil Rights Initiative filed an application Monday with the Secretary of State to place a measure on the November 2008 ballot to prohibit preferential treatment or discrimination by state government to any individual or group based on race, sex, color, ethnicity or national origin in the operation of public employment, public education or public contracting.

Arizona voters could get a chance next year to approve California-style property tax caps.

A new ballot measure —Prop 13 Arizona — is being pushed by the anti-tax crowd. It is aimed at limiting property tax increases that have occurred in the Phoenix and Kingman areas in recent years and is similar to California’s Proposition 13.

The following is a recap of the propositions appearing on Tuesday’s 2007 general election ballot: