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Osceola County commissioners will face a significant pay cut if a citizen ballot initiative led by a group of former politicians succeeds.

County commissioners now make $71,755 a year, but backers of the initiative want their pay cut to about $39,000, aligning their salaries with the county’s median household income.

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Lake-Sumter Community College’s TV channel is airing another forum on one of the proposed state constitutional amendments on the ballot, Amendment 8, the initiative that would ease rules regarding school class sizes. Amendment 8 and other proposed amendments will go before Florida voters on Nov. 2 as well as in early voting that is under way.

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Backers of Amendment 4, the controversial statewide ballot initiative that would give voters more say over local development proposals, have borrowed the most iconic tool in subdivision construction as a prop for a new television campaign advertisement. The 30-second spot, called “Dozer” and paid for by the Florida Hometown Democracy group, shows a voter slipping behind the curtain of a booth at a development site just as a bulldozer flattens the booth and, apparently, the voter.

Constitutional referendums slated for Florida voters to consider next year will either kill development or ease developers’ tax burdens, legislators told a group of Orlando-area commercial real estate professionals Thursday.

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Voters in Gainesville, FL rejected a charter amendment that would have removed protections for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender residents 58 to 42 percent. The final vote was 11,717 against the amendment and 8,375 in favor.

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TALLAHASSEE — Senate Democrats voted Wednesday in caucus to oppose a constitutional amendment pushed by Brevard County Sen. Mike Haridopolos to put spending caps on state and local governments in the midst of a severe recession.