Arizona Daily Sun

State lawmakers are moving once again to try to repeal public funds for candidates.
On a party line vote, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to put the question on the November ballot. The measure, SCR1021, still requires approval of the full Senate and House, but there appear to be more than enough votes in the Republican-controlled Legislature for final approval.
This actually will be the second time in two years that lawmakers have set the stage for repeal.

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Arizona voters could get to decide if they want to tax themselves — at least if they drink — to help keep kids from drinking and prevent alcohol abuse.
Initiative papers filed Tuesday with the state would create a new tax of 25 cents a gallon on hard liquor and a dollar a gallon on beer and wine.
Proceeds would be earmarked for specific community programs.
Backers have until July 5 to gather the 172,809 valid signatures necessary to put the question on the November ballot.

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What happened to a Wal-Mart worker in Michigan who was fired for testing positive for marijuana probably could not happen in Arizona if voters approve a ballot measure in November. The initiative would allow doctors to essentially prescribe marijuana to patients who are suffering from any one of a specific set of conditions. It also would allow creation of a network of nonprofit shops that would sell marijuana to those who have those prescriptions and let those not within 25 miles of a shop to grow their own.