Term limits deter corruption

Tue, Oct 14 2014 — Source: The Post and Courier

Insiders say more political scandal is in the offing, according to a Thursday story by Statehouse reporter Jeremy Borden. Swapping votes for judges and the misuse of so-called Super PAC money were among the possibilities cited in Mr. Borden’s article.

Our reporter was assured by one lawmaker that if there is wrongdoing, it won’t be on the scale of Lost Trust, the vote-buying scandal in the early ’90s.

But we’d feel more relief if it were a federal prosecutor providing that assurance.

Political observers already are holding their collective breath in anticipation of the next development following the indictment of House Speaker Bobby Harrell in September. Mr. Harrell has been accused of improperly using campaign funds, mainly to pay for his private airplane’s expenses, and of falsifying flight records. Mr. Harrell has responded by saying he has “never intentionally violated any law.”

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