Oregon: Stuffing the ballot

Mon, Nov 4 2013 — Source: Register-Guard

The initiative and referendum process has been an empowering and, often, mind-numbing exercise for Oregon’s electorate. More than a hundred ballot measures have been voted on in a dozen primary and general elections, and a half-dozen special elections, since the turn of the century, including 12 measures in November 2008 and a whopping 26 measures in November 2000.

Altogether, since Oregon’s initiative and referendum process was created in 1902, voters have cast ballots on 359 initiative measures (approving 122), 64 referenda (approving 23) and 428 measures referred by the Legislature (approving 253). With next November’s general election just a year away, another ballot-choking list of statewide measures could be in the offing.

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