Maine: Court rules parks petition qualifies for June ballot

Thu, May 8 2014 — Source: The Portland Daily Sun

The Maine Supreme Judicial Court ruled that a citizens initiative designed to protect Portland’s parks will be allowed to appear on the June ballot.
In the ongoing dispute between the city and the Friends of Congress Square Park and its Protect Portland Parks subcommittee over the validity of the petition, the state’s highest court decided the citizens initiative is within its rights despite the city’s argument that it dealt with administrative and not legislative matters. The case will now be remanded to the Superior Court and a judge will decide on whether the city will be liable for any of the Friends’ attorney fees.

“This landmark decision vaults us right toward the June 10 ballot, so let’s get on with it. The City Council needs to step back and accept the will of its constituents instead of spending so much time and resources working against them,” said Frank Turek, a plaintiff in the case and the president of the Friends of Congress Square.

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