Colorado: Two Weeks to Ballot Measure Showdown Deadline

Wed, Jul 23 2014 — Source: CBS Denver

It’s already very clear that Colorado’s 2014 election is going to be epic. What’s unknown at this point though is just how epic it will be.

We know about the race for the U.S. Senate bringing in millions of dollars of campaign funds. And we know the races for Governor and for Congress in the 6th CD will be among the most competitive races in the country, bringing in their own millions.

But while it is expected that the battle over fracking bans and regulations will only add to this mess, we truly do not know to what extent.

Two weeks from now, the final signatures are due for any initiative seeking to get on this year’s ballot. 86,000 signatures are certainly attainable for almost any measure, but deadlines are deadlines. Some people hit them and some don’t.

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