Recall Against Sheriff Arpiao Falling Behind

Wed, Apr 24 2013 by Neal Hobson

Citizens in Maricopa County, Arizona, may not see a recall election for their controversial sheriff, Joe Arpiao. The current recall effort, spearheaded by the group Respect Arizona, has reportedly collected over 200,000 signatures, but that remains well short of the 335,000 signatures required by May 30.

With time running short, the group is hoping to raise additional funding beyond the $300,000 they’ve spent on the campaign so far.

“It’s one signature at a time,” Respect Arizona Campaign Manager Lilia Alvarez recently told reporters. “What people tell me is yes I want to sign or I’m too afraid to do so and that’s the same for donors.”

Arpaio is currently in his sixth term as sheriff and has become widely known for his outspoken views on illegal immigration. A 2007 recall effort against Sherriff Arpaio ended in failure.

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