Battleground Washington: Redmond Officials Refuse to Turn in Petitions, Residents Shocked

Thu, Sep 22 2011 by Staff

Officials in Redmond, Washington are determined to have their state live up to its recent designation as a “battleground state” in the fight against red light cameras.

The city is refusing to send petitions on to King county officials despite a state law requiring them to do so. According to the mayor:

We’ve been advised by our attorney that the subject of this petition is not subject to initiative. Therefore, there’s no state law compelling us to do anything with the signatures.



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Silly slaves! The conditions of your extra-legal enslavement aren’t subject to the initiative process! (We, your overseers, simply tolerate the initiative process in order to appear open and transparent, but if you dare use I&R as it was intended to be used, we simply deny your access to the ballot. We also occasionally use I&R ourselves, in order to increase the weight of your chains, when you get “uppity.”)