A Deep Freeze Overtakes Colorado’s Petition Process (Updated)

Fri, Jan 21 2011 by Staff

Snowy StreetsMost restrictions on petitioning and initiative rights have some type of chilling effect on actual usage of the petition process. In Colorado, one provision of a malicious 2009 law, House Bill 1326, has resulted in such a deep freeze that it may put an end to the state’s citizen initiative process entirely. Already two victims of HB 1326 are faced with losing their homes to pay for their defense against false and ridiculous allegations of ”˜fraud.’


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While I agree with the disgust of other commentors, I wholeheartedly disagree with turning this into a partisan issue. Fighting 1326 appears to be one of those all-too-rare issues when both the left and right can join together for the good of a state that we all cherish. Please check your “socialist, leftist regime” lingo at the door. This is an issue of Coloradoans fighting for free speech, not Republicans versus Democrats.

This is clearly an Alynsky-like scare tactic. All should rally behind those being sued. This is a frivolous lawsuit and an abuse of the system.


The left are scared and want to strip away the rights of those whom want to implement policy not aligned with their socialist agenda. The right to petition is the voters means of checks and balance. We must protect our right to petition at all costs. This is a necessary process and power of we the people to counter efforts of our elected officials when they place personal and special interests above that of the voters who placed them into office. Additionally, it disempowers the majority rule and restores a more active voice to the voter. If the people do the work and the voters speak, the legislators should listen and allow the people’s voice (signatures and vote) to be exercised and heard.

I challk this up to another attempt of the socialist, leftist regime to take away our rights and liberties, and scare anyone into exercising their right. This cannot be allowed and deserves the attention of anybody who is interested in preserving our heritage, the US and the State Constitution.

This year, Colorado voters should run the following initiatives full force:
1. Re-run 60, 61, and 101 individually
2. Re-run 62
3. Re-run 63
4. Run an AZ-1070 initiative for Colorado.
5. Run a de-unionizing of state workers initiative

Let’s do it! Getting an initiative on the ballot is only the first step. Conservatives fail to follow up on the marketing of such to the voters. Each issue campaign needs to be run linke a legislative campaign.

Thanks for the comment Jen. Unfortunately, if those who care about responsible government - both right and left - don’t stand up to demand a repeal of HB 1326 and stop any new attacks on the process, there might not be ANY citizen initiated amendments on Colorado’s ballot.

Seems to me its possible the massive over-reaction by opponents of those petitions, may have revealed a serious underlying problem within Colorado. For opponents to go this far to silence petitioners or to curtail the petition process, one would think they must either have something to hide or they simply do not want citizens to have any say at all about governing of the state.
Either way, the petition seekers are in real trouble and perhaps that is the ultimate objective by those who oppose the petition process. If they can so seriously financially harm anyone who mounts a petition, them they can cause all to refrain from petitioning.
For me personally, that appears to be an effort to take away the rights of citizens to participate in their own government. That would be the government those same petitioners pay taxes to support!